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Good Friday in England.

he Royal Wedding is mentioned every 10 seconds .... Kate may omit OBEY when saying wedding vows .... London spruces Up for Royal Wedding ... Kate and William are described as "Unpretentious" ... and today is Good Friday, Pope Benedict XVl is to take a Q & A and the class are allowed to ask 3 questions!  All these news items roll in on Good Friday here in Southampton UK and the weather is warm and quite perfect and I am feeling jolly as I have been listed in Istanbul Turkey
as a winner of the Writing Competition organized by the British Council in Istanbul, Turkey, so I have won a book prize and I have donated my voucher to my Turkish Friend who lives in Turkey as I have 2 friends and one I feel certain does live in Turkey but with the other when I was in  Istanbul 2 years ago he was not in Istanbul Turkey but was somewhere else so thus my donation to my friend who is resident in Turkey.

 So the Royal Wedding is drawing near and the Government encourages us all to have Street Parties as we are not to be invited to Westminster Abbey to attend the wedding ceremony but are held as outsiders or the poor, the under class, the downtrodden, the elderly or in the case of this writer . The Professional Class though I see no snub in a reference to myself as belonging to the Professional Class though as a Class, we are sadly diminished.  Good Friday is a religious day in Catholic Countries but in Protestant England it is largely kept as a Bank Holiday and everyone is on a Sunday service bus service or public transport and the shops are half open and half closed.  So I shall tune in on my Radio at 3 pm for the BBC Religious Music on Radio 3.  Good Friday  celebrated!

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